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LAU German Genealogy Family History Mystery has been lifted & unveiled! Further, the LAU case was cracked today by our having searched the excellent 2ndary source known as Family Registers!

Dear Joe & his fellow LAU descendants!

We are elated to report that the LAU Family History Mystery has been lifted & unveiled! Further, the LAU case was cracked today by our having searched the excellent 2ndary source known as Family Registers. Altenburg is a small village Catholic parochially associated with Gestratz, Bayern (Bavaria)!

After a short, but sweet emotional & spiritual release, I compose myself prior to composing this email. As I have hinted or mentioned, we believe your ancestral family members seriously want to be found. They, probably like you & me, wish to be appreciated & that their years of sacrifice are not in vain.

The last book (Malachi) & chapter of the Old Testament talks about turning the hearts of the children to their [fore]fathers. You see, most of our forefathers’ hearts are already turned toward ours/us. Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant. If this belief &/or reality helps Them & us to do better work for you, then so be it. This is not a “ghostly” thing, but rather a loving thing.

But, first, THANKS to you & one of your relatives! Even though you were unaware of just how it connected, the poor photograph you emailed us was of the gravestone of one Martin Lau, born in what appeared us to be 1868 (indeed, yes it was!), relationship unknown. The names of the parents “von [this means of or from & is not a part of the name] Altenburg” listed at the base of the gravestone are indeed the parents of Martin & your ancestor! The family would not have this photograph just for grins, so we hypothesized Martin very likely could be an older brother to your ancestor, i.e. one who did not emigrate to the USA.

All birthdates for Johann Baptist Lau’s siblings & parents (the ones listed at the base of Martin’s gravestone), were provided.

This photograph & our analysis, along with detailed initial geographical research are indeed the keys to our having cracked this case.

We had to ascertain the precise Altenburg of several, so we selected the one geographically closest to the family-known town of Isny, where he was NOT found. Fortunately, the Catholic parish registers for Isny, Gestratz & more are on microfilm & available to us. Only the Gestratz, et al. surrounding parochially-associated villages’ Family Registers have come in so far, but we anticipate the arrival of the other primary source microfilm for actual births, marriages & deaths “any day now.”

Johann Baptist Lau, born 3 April 1870 to Franz Joseph LAU & Maria Antonia KOLB (from a nearby village: Bauschwanden, now part of Röthenbach/Allgäu, Bayern. It was of sufficient size to have its own Catholic parish registers. With your email authorization, we shall order these microfilms also.

Title Kirchenbuch, 1622-1946
Authors Katholische Kirche Röthenbach (BA. Lindau) (Main Author)

Note Location
Taufen 1624-1661 Verschiedene Akten Heiraten 1622-1658 Tote 1622-1635 Taufen 1705-1769 Heiraten, Tote 1695-1769 Konfirmation 1739-1769 Namensliste Taufen 1784-1807 Heiraten 1785-1807 Tote 1784-1807 FHL INTL Film
Taufen 1770–1902 Heiraten 1770-1946 FHL INTL Film
Tote 1770-1867 Konfirmation 1760-1828 Tote 1868-1926 Alphabetisches Register für Taufen, Heiraten, Tote FHL INTL Film
RETAKES: Heiraten 1784 FHL INTL Film
2190131 Item 5

And, in fine, we thank your ancestors for their assistance in this great cause.

Ask for the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to explain to you what the Lord wants you to do with all these names, dates & places.

We look forward to continuation in finding hundreds of ancestral family members for you. You need not yet send another check, but for the love of you & your ancestral family members, we certainly would not turn it away{;>) You know you will get your money’s worth from us, for we are accountable to you, your ancestral family members, descendants, your father & our Heavenly Father. Now, if those are not comprehensive enough motivation for us, what is?{;>)

Lynell &/or Karl-Michael SALA ! Since 1979: Ancestry Family Genealogy History Researcher (USA, Euro-Germanic & German-American, Immigration & Emigration) (Search Engine Optimized{;>) thanks to

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This email and any attachments thereto JUST MIGHT contain crucial, important, interesting & USEFUL, publicly available, privileged & special data, documents & images for the conglomerate use of ANYONE who can intercept them. Any review, copying, or distribution of this email (or any attachments thereto) by others is strictly ENCOURAGED! If you are not the intended recipient, please be grateful & SPREAD THE NEWS as far & wide as you can! CONTACT the sender immediately and permanently SAVE the original and any copies of this email and any attachments thereto.

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