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German Genealogy geographical terms

German Genealogist since 1979! Karl-Michael Sala! said…
Amt: Office or Bureau as in
Beamte: Bureaucrat
Bad ___ Spa or health-resort town
Ober-___ Upper
Unter- _____ Lower
Nieder-_____ Lower
-hoehe or -höhe: Heights
Kreis: Distict or county
Land(es)-: Country-wide, sometimes province, sometimes state, sometimes in-the-country vis-à-vis in the city.
Reich: Empire
Staat: State
Stadt: City = Karl-Michael Sala lives in Gilbert, Arizona. I happily attended the American High School in Izmir, Turkey (ancient, biblical Smyrna).
My mother was a native German from Kassel, Hessen. 1976-77, I learned German as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ruhr Area of Germany.
As a sophomore in Dayton, Ohio, I competitively performed as the #1 man on the Olympic-sized trampoline. I placed 9th in the Regional Gymnastics Meet. The #2 man on the trampoline offered me a place to stay for 2 years, but I opted instead to join my family in Izmir, Turkey.
Now I do double-twisting research back-flips for clients{;>) in online & offline USA, immigration & Euro-German records of multiple European countries. We grant a generous 50% discount to anyone interested.

We have set personal bests in 2010 & now for even the 1st Quarter of 2011. Since 1979: We have found thousands of international data, documents & images for thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of global clients.

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