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Texas Maid Service dumps all other advertising in favor of Google Adwords!

Statistically, just how many visitors does it take to a website–& how many repeat visits–before a shopper would actually buy German Genealogy research or even a USA Maid Service?

Cost-per-click varies depending on the keywords associated with the product or service. At about $3 per click for “maid service,” etc., with a $33/day budget, after only 11 clicks, she’ll likely have her ads stop showing early on in the day. I tactfully encouraged to her to spend much more than her original $5/day. Good consultation; smart move on her part. “Karl, I’m getting rid of all my other forms of advertising, so I can do Google Adwords!”

Clicks are not conversions, i.e. clickers then actually calling to order a service for their home or business. So, if feasible, beef up the daily budget.

While I might not use the Yellow Pages much anymore, a few folks do. So, keep a listing in the Yellow Pages, but definitely do a target-marketed Google Adwords campaign, I’d say.
If you’re new to Adwords &/or have not had a click in 45 days, call me at 1-800-826-9988 option 1; ext 23738 & email your URL & precisely what is special about you, your products &/or services. I will do all I can to get you search engine marketing optimized (SEMO’d).

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