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2015 Aug 29: Just deposited a New Client’s $3,000 retainer for Germany Genealogy research by the Germany Genealogists Dynamic Duo: Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala!

2013 PhoenixAward for GenealogistJust received our newest client’s $3,000 retainer. He found me by having googled “German Genealogist” That’s what I’m talkin’bout{:>)

We occasionally need a USA &/or European records searcher, runner, etc. to research, copy & digitalize for us some images within books & microforms IN SLC @ the FHL & at records repositories across the USA, Canada & Europe!

Now then, who is in SLC & is willing to do some occasional research for us in Germanic or other European records & posting them to m/y/our or email or whatever is necessary. We can pay you with a check, but would prefer the ease of

So, set up your account there–if you’ve not already done so. State your rates, but make sure that it is NO LESS THAN than $10/hr.{:>) You should NOT be working for less than that–haha–like WE sometimes do. Right, Michael W. McCormick?

I still do some pro bono work, but ’tis now WE who choose what, where, when & for whom.

Here is my 1994 10-year renewal, which was–after a 1995 traumatic brain injury–ultimately stripped from me about 1996. No matter. I’ve had more success after my near-death experience than before it{:>)

So much to do; so little time. Let us be about our ancestral families’ & forefathers’ business!

1994 Accreditation Renewal

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