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Not one, but TWO cases cracked for this client/patron of Germany Genealogy professional research!


1860 May 19 Hamburg Passenger List Krause Geo & family from Mittel Ochel Poland Title Page




ON THEIR WAY TO QUEBEC FROM HAMBURG, DEUTSCHLAND!ANOTHER GERMANY, i.e. Poland GENEALOGY CASE CRACKED WIDE OPEN!Hamburg Passenger Lists generally gives the place of last residence in the Old World.  Mittel Ochel, Polen [Poland) is the latest. Pamela Groth had been looking for this for years. After having firmed up the foundation of her research, within an hour,  we found & publicly shared with her this image.

Pamela Groth  (client)  Pamela hired you as a Genealogy Research in 2013 and hired you more than once

Top qualities for Karl-Michael Sala: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“After a frustrating and fruitless search for records pertaining to my German immigrant ancestors, Karl-Michael has successfully assisted me in researching my ancestors to their origins. This was done promptly and cracked the case as he located an [e]migration [Hamburg Passenger Listing] that named their last city of residence. He has demonstrated skill and expertise that makes the chase easy and rewarding. This is the second German family he has assisted me with; connecting with my ancestors is undescribably meaningful and significant. He is just as enthusiastic about locating my ancestors as I am. I appreciate having a trustworthy expert to turn to.” July 18, 2013

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