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Persistence–there’s nothing like it for German Genealogy research success!

What is the key solution?A picture is worth a thousand words! So a video must be worth a million words. Hmm, we’ll work on that!
Posted on by: Karl-Michael SALA, Internat’l Genealogist since 1979! Proven, Gifted, Talented
I am a consistent, insistent, persistent, pertinacious, steadfast & tenacious , so I say:
“Besäße der Mensch mehr Beharrlichkeit, so wäre ihm nichts unmöglich” –Chinesesisches Sprichwort, aber so zitiert eines meinen Lehrers der Sprachmission der Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tage, 1977. The lesson was on the use of subjunctives in regular verbs, including the woulds, coulds, & shoulds, etc.

Therefore, send me a referral & I’ll pay you a 10% Residual commission–regardless of who closes the deal. NObody but me is offering that generous compensation. Redeem it in research or $.

With this on-going persistent attitude, I have now accomplished more than I ever thought I could! Lynell & I have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, patrons & ourselves. Won’t you now join us in helping people to finally FIND what they’ve been seeking for decades? We wish to bring to pass the immortality & eternal life of man while turning the hearts of the children to their forefathers. See the last chapter of Malachi in the Old Testament.

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