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Since 1979, Pro bono genealogy data, documents & image re-work done for disaster victims & others in poverty

Posted by Karl-Michael SALA on July 20, 2009 at 11:47pm in Natural Disaster Victims on GenealogyWise

“Karl! Help me find my ancestors–before I become one!” –A young client

Since 1979, & at no cost, I am proud to have helped several disaster victims re-construct lost data, documents & images{;>)

As a survivor of a near-death experience & a disaster of my own, I am committed to helping clients (paying) & patrons (non-paying) come to identify & view more data, documents & images on their ancestral family members–prior to our clients/patrons meeting them on the Other Side!

Please provide a precise name, place, alleged year of event, etc. Depending on the era, getting copies of birth, death and marriage certificates for some of your ancest[o]rs may or may not even be possible. But, there are usually other venues & sources whence we can obtain the requisite info.

Provide us specific details. For just one item, we have a non-disaster minimum of $30 if we can easily obtain onine what you seek, but $100 is more suitable as a research minimum. Of course, much more is requested for more extended research. Your initial research retainer will net you & all others a 50% discount (OK, call it twice as much research{;>)

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