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My clients: Texas Doctor, California Author & Seattle-area Asphalt Paving Contractor are all now Google-Adword Tactivated!

The doctor, the author & this paving contractor all now have several clicks on Google Adwords! Just blowing my horn & also honoring our military, both Living & Deceased, Now & Then, Male or Female.

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  1. John wrote on my website: I like this Google [logo with a military “Taps” bugler in the Google logo] really very nice.

    Hi John?, Greg, Stephanie, Matt & Royal,

    Karl Sala here. Thanks for your comment on my website. I’m the guru for asphalt pavers, attorneys, authros, doctors & other business persons. Doctors, lawyers, authors & asphalt pavers are calling ME! Why?

    Would you each also like to have people click on your targeted online Google ads–just like they do for the Google Adwords asphalt seal-coating client of mine in our Pacific Northwest?

    If so, please go to & create an account. Then prior to starting a campaign, call me 1-888-456-7252 924-hr #; lv msg). Provide me the Customer ID # in the upper right hand corner. Then I can manage & Search Engine Marketing Optimize (SEMO) your account. In case you’re unaware, we can also help you rise in the organic search rankings. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)–which is probably what John is trying to accomplish by virtue of his having commented on my site. My own website is SEO’d to the TOP of the Search Listings!

    Inasmuch as John’s methods are well-meaning, but ineffective–& so that we can get you SEMO’d & SEO’d–please have the person responsible (the one who can make The Decision) call me ASAP.

    Greg and Stephanie Barness
    1549 Seasons Lane SW Rochester,
    MN 55902

    Rochester Asphalt Inc
    5267 Hwy 14 East
    Rochester, MN 55904 Royal Cell: 507-208-1736

    Matt Cell: 507-208-1194
    Vice President

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