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Map of Silesia (Schlesien) = a bunch of Poland + some Czechoslovakia + some Saxony… (What the heck?)











Karl-Michael Sala konfers:
Historic Silesia, superimposed on modern international borders: The mediæval Bohemian crown land (as of 1538) outlined in cyan, Prussian Silesia as of 1815 in yellow. From
Notice it extends into Sachsen!
This pertains to several posts in this & other regions. Silesia (Schlesien) also explains why the concepts of the geography of Czechoslovakia, Germany & Poland are, in this region, confusing.

So, Karl-Michael Sala, German Genealogy research expert, did my ancestor live in Czechoslovakia, Bohemia (Böhmen), Saxony (Sachsen), Silesia (Schlesien), Germany (Deutschland), Poland (Polen), Prussia (Preussen), or something else?

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