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The latest libeler & naysayer. I mentioned her name & tree (non-public, but is on What I wrote gives NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING DATA ON HER!

Karl-Michael Sala  6 hours ago via Twitter ·

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    • Melissa Finch have created a tumblr and a wordpress site to record your unprofessional and non Christian actions. There is now a public online documentation of how you brought my name into a linkedin discussion with no thought or reason and have refused to delete it…See More
      Melissa Finch I have posted the original discussion in it’s entirety on many genealogy sites. It now has it’s own tumblr and also a wordpress site. Since you have refused to do the courteous and professional thing and delete my name and my tree in a discussion th…See More
    • Karl-Michael Sala My content will show absolutely NO malicious intent. However, Mellissa Finch, empathy for & forgiveness of your malicious, non-Christian intent & actions will be difficult. I shall consult with my legal eagles to see if your content is considered libel…See More
    • Melissa Finch There is no libel, it is a simple request for you to delete my name and my tree from a discussion I was no part of that you brought my name into. It is simply a transcript of my requests (that you failed to ok to post on linkedin) to remove my name and my tree’s name from your discussion and your linkedin responses (that you did ok to post) . There is nothing but malice in your refusal to remove my name and tree and I want a record of it all online. You refused to remove my name and mocked me at the same time and I am just posting it all for the genealogical world to see.
    • Karl-Michael Sala So, if you truly want your name omitted, I recommend you delete your malicious rumblings & tumblings. Your logic fails & is counter-productive.
    •  Melissa Finch You need to delete my name and tree it is that simple. I have no reason not to show the world how rude you were in each of your responses. There are no ramblings. Each of my statemebnt ask you to remve my name and tree that you posted. I was not involved in this discussion 
      I know none of the people involved 
      I do not know this Roberta Baum 
      Willhelm Johan Guilzon is NOT an ancestor of mine 
      YOU brought my name and my tree into this 
      I have no interest in this thread. You have the ability to delete YOUR message that brought my name and my tree into this. You refused to do so.

      Karl-Michael Sala Please consult with your attorney. He will tell you to give it up, for you have no case. Need I cite case law? No, you research it yourself, naysayer. I repeat: Your name was on a tree at that had the patron’s target ancestor mentioned in it. Your tree is not public, but ACOM does reveal that the name exists in your tree. Is the tree now deleted? If so, you would again be shooting yourself in the foot.
    • Melissa Finch There is nothing for me to worry about. I am just posting your malicious words. I do not see the Christian ways in your behavior, but I will not judge I will just publicize your awful responses to my polite requests. No worries. Thanks 
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