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Why, yes I am a Mormon & a Christian!

Hi, I’m Karl-Michael Sala

Made in Germany, but

Born: Washington DC;

1st gr: Okinawa;

grad.: Turkey;

Performed classical, rock/soul music; German Genealogist, (grand)father/Opa!

About Me

As a musician, I love to perform, i.e. sing/play. As a professional & volunteer German Genealogist, I love to help people connect with their fore-families. These are my Blessings, Gifts & Talents. I’ve served as a Genealogy Leader in Family History Centers in several places: Arizona, California, Germany, Nevada, Oregon & Utah. Since 1979, I found thousands of data, documents & images on thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of people!

However, behind that is my 1970s conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was playing bass in a rock and soul music band which later would serve as the warm-up band at concerts for Styx, REO Speedwagon, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show & Rare Earth.

I invited a friend to hear my band perform at a church dance. I was not a member. While there, he befriended a young lady who gave him a Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. She encouraged him to chat with missionaries.

He converted & introduced me to missionaries. During the 7th lesson (about the Savior), I felt the warmth of the Holy Ghost within my body and spirit. I then knew what they taught me about the Atonement, Resurrection, Purpose of Life, Savior, are all Truth.

I could no longer deny it. I gave up alcohol & covenanted with the Lord. I also would serve a successful, 2-year mission to Germany, where I happily taught numerous individuals. They, of their own free will, would repent of not only sins, but also weaknesses, & were baptized.

Why I am a Mormon

Since having chosen to be a follower of the Savior, I have stumbled, but the Atonement continually enables me & everyone to learn how to overcome weaknesses, sins & transgressions.

The sincere loving leadership principles I have learned from my fellow members has been phenomenal. My present priesthood leader is an attorney who humbled himself to serve me & my wife.

Our previous Relief Society President humbled herself on hands & knees to help us move. These two persons’ & others’ examples have been shining lights to me that exceed those of even the music performance world. The feelings I get in both witnessing service & in my own performance of service are even cooler than those on-stage.

I testify that, as has been promised & prophesied, many past individuals have returned to the Earth to restore the keys of the Gospel in these, The Fullness of Times, The Latter-days, etc.

Joseph Smith spoke with Heavenly Father & His Son, Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is a 2nd witness & testament of the Savior.

Come with me & I’ll make you fishers of men.

How I live my faith

I’ve served not only my church, but also my community (numerous), cities (several), country (both civilian & military) & charities (lost count) who are not associated with my church.

I was a top fund-raiser for numerous international non-profit organizations.

I drove & sang for the Veterans Administration, for invalids who initially told me to “go away,” but later begged me to return.

When the chips are down, I keep my head up, spirits high & remember that I have a calling, errand, mission to do. I’m a husband, father & grandfather.

I have several online & offline personal & professional contacts, connections & friends.

68+ people have written me public commendations for capabilities, caring, character, charity, commitment, communications, cordiality, etc.

As a near-death experience survivor, I testify that time is short. Now is the time to fulfill your own calling, but would it not be nice to find out just what all that entails?

Converse with the missionaries today. OK, tomorrow then.

Come, Follow Me!

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