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Yet ANOTHER case cracked! An alleged big-city case! LISSKE Family! That’s 4 cases solved in 4 days in 4 countries’ records!

Wow! All we knew was Max Lisske from Dresden, born 18__. Long story short: We found him in every USA Census back to his year of immigration. The client thought it was 1918. Nope! Much earlier.

Then, we found his ARRIVAL passenger list; then found him on the DEPARTURE Hamburg Passenger List! It gave his EXACT place of origin. No, it was NOT Dresden!

Until the client actually pays for the research, we will not reveal the precise location. We hope the client is OK, for we’ve not yet heard back from him. He claims to have checked us out; read our 45+ endearing endorsements: . The client’s wife is expecting, so we presume he is busy with helping his sweet wife{;>) Yes, Mom. I know. The Loving Living take precedence over the Dearly Departed{;>)

The German Genealogist, Karl (Opa) Sala, admires his 1st granddaughter, Shiloh Cloward

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