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Lübeck, Deutschland, genealogy Register, 1200-1910 & much more

Lübeck, Germany, Genealogical Register, 1200-1910
Lübeck, Deutschland, genealogisches Register, 1200-1910

Source Info Lübeck, Germany, Genealogical Register, 1200-1910

Volumes: Many
Lübeckische Geschlechter, S-ZHs. 1029 d, Lübeckische Geschlechter, Nachträge v. A-ZHs. 1029 e,

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The Lübeck censuses contain valuable information that will help you research your family history and create or grow your family tree. In addition to the street address these records also include the given and surname of every head of household, their occupation, the number of sons and daughters and number of house servants as well as others living with them.

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