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Professional German Genealogist cracks 2 Poland genealogy research cases today! JANETSKI & KRAUSE!

Karl-Michael Sala, professional German Genealogist since 1979, joyously emailed the client: “KRAUSE KASE KRACKED!”
Cracked 2 “Poland” ancestry research cases, that were in German handwriting within Catholic parish registers–& that’s just today! Numerous ancestral family members digitally documented!

JANETSKI, et var. & KRAUSE in Tscheschen-Glashütte, Schlesien, Preussen! The client in Mesa, Arizona has been trying to find this for decades! After having analyzed the case a couple weeks ago, I ordered the appropriate microfilms & within 2 hours, I found it! It is near Breslau (center of this image)

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We save our clients THOUSAND$ by preventing them from barking up wrong trees & digging @ wrong roots!

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