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For their clients at, these Professional German Genealogists use e-Image Data Corporation’s near-miracle ScanPro 2000 daily!

Using E-image Data Corporation’s ScanPro 2000 microfilm scanner is where & how Lynell & I, Karl-Michael Sala of work near-miracles for clients each day at the Mesa, Arizona Regional Family History Center. An image is seen on the screen, but on that same screen is where the software displays the image controls!

The equipment of choice worldwide

The ScanPro 2000 is the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries and corporations. Its cutting-edge software offers a wide variety of viewing and editing functions while remaining easy to use.

NEWS… The e-Image Data Corporation announced today that new software upgrades are now available for the ScanPro 2000, used in more than 1,200 libraries worldwide. … more

SEE WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING… “Best microfilm equipment we’ve ever had. The ScanPro is easy to use and provides powerful features for working with all microfilm types quickly and efficiently.”
-Sandra Garstang, Cal Tech…

DEMO VIDEO…See how the ScanPro 2000’s cutting-edge software works, including WORD-Search, spot edit, customizable toolbars and button text, custom cropping, adjustable speed control, scroll speed lock and on-screen help support…

I have connections in Salt Lake City to get us copies of books that are not orderable into a FHC. Send me your requests & we’ll get those going. Entire book? Certain pages only? Title Page, Table of Contents & Index, with pertinent ancestral family entries? Hard copies, CD, images burned & uploaded to

Yes, there are allegedly a “few” microfilm copies, but I don’t want to compete with you when ordering the microfilms. So, you order them into your best FHC. We’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Yes, you’ll need to have your Russian linguist decide which films of the few I sent would be the births or deaths (or are they all mixed on one film). Then just order those from & only into a FHC that has a ScanPro2000 device (image shown herein). Ask fervently about which FHC in your area has 1 or 2 (Mesa has 2, thank goodness). With it, we have performed numerous near-miraculous adjustments of horrible microfilm images. If necessary, it is well worth several extra miles of driving.

We/you can lighten just the dark parts (a little easier) of an image &/or darken just the light parts (a bit trickier) of an image. You can scan them small, take ’em home & still be able to massively enlarge, crop & edit the images. There is usually someone at a Regional Family History Center to coach you. If not, you can arrange to have me be available between certain hours on (a) certain day(s) on the phone to tell you where to click, using right or left click, etc. Prior to calling me, please exhaust first their services.

The more the staff at a FHC & I can teach you to fish, the more you will be able to do on your own & preserve capital for necessary research functions. But, I will shore up the flank.

Lynell &/or Karl-Michael SALA ! Since 1979: Thousands of data, documents & images found on thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients!
(USA, Euro-Germanic & German-American, Immigration & Emigration) (Search Engine Optimized{;>) thanks to Email him to get yourself SEO’d!

410 S Saddle St; Gilbert, AZ 85233-6810 USA
PHONE 480-507-3316 or (24-hr; 1-888-456-7252 lv msg)
62+ ENDEARING ENDORSEMENTS online since just July 2008! Scores more received offline!

99% success ratio of having FOUND & digitized online &/or offline data, documents & images

HUNDREDS of INTERNAT’L CLIENTS: business owners, former director, Deutsche Bank, celebrities (e.g., Tim Russ, Tuvok, the black Vulcan, Star Trek Voyager), farmers, politicians, et al)

Karl is THE very 1st person hand-picked for the former Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line (PEARL)!
Karl, former Europe & Germany PRIMARY Research Consultant: fielded majority of research-oriented calls & emails from mainland Europe for[utschland]!
Highest-rated internat’l genealogist on & the ONLY German Genealogist on

“Lynell & Karl! Quick! Please help me find my ancestors–before I become one!” –a young client
“Expensive? No, Ma’am. Expensive is when you spend 30 years and much expense just TRYING to find what we often DO find in ONE DAY!” –Karl Sala

On your initial retainer for online or microfilm research, take a 50% DISCOUNT off prices shown below (i.e., get twice as much)!
Can’t find specific data, documents or images yourself?
Hire us @ $50/hr ($500 – $50,000 retainer requested).
No mun? Offer us or sell something you don’t need! We also take pre-approved barter, cash, checks, trade, etc.

This email and any attachments thereto JUST MIGHT contain crucial, important, interesting & USEFUL, publicly available, privileged & special data, documents & images for the conglomerate use of ANYONE who can intercept them. Any review, copying, or distribution of this email (or any attachments thereto) by others is strictly ENCOURAGED! If you are not the intended recipient, please be grateful & SPREAD THE NEWS as far & wide as you can! CONTACT the sender immediately and permanently SAVE the original and any copies of this email and any attachments thereto.

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