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German Genealogy case cracked, but not accepted by the client? Schade!

2013 PhoenixAward for GenealogistWe cracked another case today, but the client/patron along with another fellow professional, less-seasoned researcher do not want to accept it. Schade (too bad, or what a shame). The entire post got deleted. Sometimes patrons do that due to misplaced annoyance, disgust or shame. They shall apparently now bark up the wrong tree & in the wrong location. Subject: a small village in Germany. Little do they know, that ______… But due to our multi-decade experience, supported by proper best research practices, thus, we see that they will make amateur & hobbyist research errors. They failed to follow the fundamentals & took things at face value–a huge mistake. This errant research methodology is often done with enthusiastic zeal. This will add to their disappointment when they don’t find him in their chosen–albeit, wrong–location. The client did not want to pay $1,000 (nor anything lesser I offered) for me to coach & mentor her as to how to obtain the answer. I offered to teach her how to fish. But, like many, they proudly figure they already know how to fish{:>) <sigh>When you are ready for able research, send your retainer to the acct (yes, it looks like an email address) 

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