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USAAB seal-largeAbout the USAAB
The U.S. Association of Accredited Business is a membership based organization, advocating business ethics and helping member organizations reach their potential. Our mission is to protect, promote and advance the interests of our members and their customers. The Association works to ensure businesses who meet the criteria for membership have the necessary tools and support to succeed.

The USAAB currently has over 5,000 members, including many of today’s leaders in the Fortune 1000. As a rapidly growing business association, consumers not only learn to trust the USAAB name, but the accreditation seal many of our members like to proudly display.

As an organization based around accreditation, our members follow a clear and concise Code of Ethics. By creating a Code of Ethics for businesses to follow, we believe the USAAB not only benefits members, but consumers alike. Recent studies show consumer awareness is constantly growing in correlation with the Internet. With third-party accreditation, consumers know they can trust the business. The USAAB Code of Ethics displays a strict belief in fair business practice. The Association guarantees ethically operating businesses of every size are given the opportunity to display their hard-earned reputation for the world to see.



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