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Two former HR managers endorse Karl-Michael Sala

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Sean O’Donnell, PHR is one of at least 58 people who have endorsed your work. In this case, as Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher at
“When I worked in Human Resources at (then we provided training so our member services representatives could become proficient in customer service and sales. But when we wanted them to learn how to help our customers succeed, we turned to Karl. His expertise and passion for family history research were legendary. A true professional.”

Although it was never written in, Mike Moran, Recruiting Manager said: “Karl, we’re going to have to clone you!”

Karl & Lynell Sala were THE very 1st two persons hand-picked for the Paid Expert Research Line (PEARL). Why? How about an 80+% success ratio in having found what their subscribers had not been able to find over the last 3 decades! What an app!

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