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The German Genealogist
Home of the best German Genealogist in the world. Get your German Genealogy research projects completed with the German Genealogist and his expert research team.
About Me | The German Genealogist
Karl-Michael Sala, Ancestral German Genealogist since 1979!Karl-Michael Sala, Expert, Gifted & Talented USA & Germanic Genealogist since [1979]
Professional German Genealogy Research Online …
Want to walk the same ground as your German great-grandparents? … Professional German genealogists and those who are more fully immersed in their German ancestry research will …
Karl-Michael SALA, Internat’l Genealogist since 1979! – LinkedIn
Owner; USA & Euro-Germanic Ancestral Genealogist at … GERMAN GENEALOGIST (Ancestry & Family History Research for Germany & Prussia) at … [here you could read 45+ great endorsements for Karl Sala–clear back to a recent kudo by Karl’s 1972 senior high school English & typing teacher!]

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