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Since 2004: Native Germans interest in “Ahnenforschung” as per Google Insight for Search

Don’t let the graphs below fool you about the ongoing interest of Germans in German Genealogy! Most of my clients are not Germans, but here is their chart, equivalent to the previous one. If you click on the link, it should even break it down by province! If it does not, then just re-run the keyword “Ahnenforschung.” Here it is:

Regional interest Subregion City
1. Niedersachsen 100
2. Nordrhein-Westfalen 92
3. Berlin 88
4. Baden-Württemberg 84
5. Bayern 83
6. Hessen 50

This does NOT truly mean the interest is decreasing as much as is shown. But rather, those most interested in Ahnenforschung or German Genealogy have already made their initial inquiries. Those initial inquirers are no longer needing to use a Search Engine to get where they need to go for “Ahnenforschung”! So this is really reflecting the NEW users using the Google Search Engine for this term.

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