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Karl-Michael Sala

1972: Guess who played bass & sang high harmony vocals in a soul music band with Tim Russ, the black Vulcan on Star Trek Voyager?

Guess whom Tim, his siblings, Mike & Angie Russ, asked to research & find their pre-Emancipation ancestor, Itasca “Tasker” Russ? Right–Karl-Michael Sala! Yes, I found the RUSS ancestry in all USA Census records & other USA resources.

Both Tim & Mike wrote me endearing endorsements on Russ (client)
Tim hired you as a Genealogist  in 2007

Top qualities:  Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I have known Karl since I was in high-school with him. I recently got a very detailed ancestry profile for my parents from him.  I was very happy with his results, and would recommend him in a heartbeat.  Karl also managed to organize and make contacts for our high-school reunion, which was quite tricky because we went to high-school in Izmir Turkey! Tim Russ” December 10, 2009

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