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Want a professional detailed, color illustration of a European castle from your ancestral region in Germany, Europe or UK?

Karl-Michael Sala

This rendition is not it, but our client, Lady Kimberley of did a tremendous color illustration that added the autumn colors of orange & yellow around the castle that many of my ancestral & living family members adored & admired: The Löwenburg Castle near the Herkules Monument & Cascades in Kassel, Germany!  Mine is not yet in digital format, but here is a sample of one England castle from Lady Kimberley’s work.

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Karl-Michael Sala Caveat: While we love the castles & churches, does not support the illustration of surname crests, because they are usually NOT ancestral.  (Now, which Smith crest was it?)
Even my Sala surname even has a few “crests,” but our Sala family knows nothing about it.  Tell me: How could you or I prove that it is mine/ours? Reply: You cannot.

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