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For my airline pilot friend from Stebbins high school, via counsel with my Poland connection, I cracked yet another case–this time a Ukraine, Russia case in Derewok, Ukraine, Russia! Деревок (Ukrainian), Деревок (Russian) for Spiliszewski or Spilizewski!

Kowel, Ukraine, county seat for Derewka or Derewok

kolonia DEREWOK gromada Radoszyn, gmina Hołoby, powiat Kowel, województwo wołyńskie

Karl-Michael Sala Another case cracked today in the Ukraine, Russia! Place of origin from the USA passenger list was re-interpreted as Derewka or Derewok.  This little village was/is in the Kovel (aka Kowel) district, a reasonable phonetic variant of the target place, Kowal or Kowel. Derewok in the parish of Holoby (earlier aka Goloby), Kovel’s’kyi district, Volyns’ka, Ukraine! It’s time for us to play some music & sing{;>)

Well, here.  You read it.  Be sure to click on the little  image to make it more readable.  Then scroll to the right to read Derewka or Derowka, a variant:


Karl-Michael Sala We are Very grateful to our agent in Poland for the crucial 2nd opinion!  Gratitude was expressed via PayPal to her account{;>)

GOV – the genealogical gazeteer

Деревок (Ukrainian), Деревок (Russian), Derewok (German), Derewek (Polish)

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