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 How have I  helped & served you with genealogy?
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    • Jo Meyer You did at some groups. You took the time to look and see what I was talking about.
    • Jo Meyer  on Facebook:  When I was trying to figure out exactly where my Meyer lived in Oldendorf and Roethen by Dannenberg, you tried to help. You suggested the solution would be in the AIDA link. and I believe your right. Often those little villages have their census roll on archives shown their. One can request a copy. Sometimes census roll includes the number of pigs and chickens as well as people who live there. There is a specific name for this. I went back to aida for another look. Also you encouraged me to write to the Nahrendorf church to ask more information. Which I did and I heard back that my Juergen Friedrich Meyer geb 1814 remarried and when he did that he lived in Roethen in the Gohrde forest. and I gained about three pages of information from the church which included his children’s names and his sister’s marriages. I also received extra data on the Luhmann Reinecke detail. One thing that was new to me was that Reinecke / Brese/ Luhmann had connections to village Metzingen. which I took anything like it as spelling errors. which I believe to be in Celle. One of these days I am going to send money to the aida source and get more extra details further. a link often does not work there. Or I would show you one result. sometimes just a little advice can work wonders!
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      Call 480-507-3316 or mobile 602-865-9695



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