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Another German Genealogy case cracked by our having used the Hamburg Passenger Lists on

BIEBELNHEIM!  Thanks to Julia Campbell Bernards for having provided us with data to narrow down the search in the Hamburg Passenger List. Major gratitude to Hamburg Archives & for making these images digitally available online. Please don’t ever complain about the price of At least not where I can hear or read it, for I think is an international treasure for millions of people that is worth at least twice what they ask for it. Why, no, ACOM does not pay me to say that. Why, yes, I have been using it since it started. Why, yes, I was the very 1st person ACOM hired to initiate their Paid Expert Research Line. Who was 2nd? Lynell, my wife, who just found another of my ancestors online whom a Czech researcher using the original books could not find! This is the SECOND ancestor she found that the native Czech researcher could not find. Oh, yeah! It was supposed to have been Marie Vavra, but it was actually Mariana Vavra!

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