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Formerly behind the rusted & dismantled Iron Curtain in East Germany (German “Democratic” Republic): German computer system piecing together shredded secret police (STASI) documents!

Initially from the Agence France-Presse February 2, 2012 but later Tweeted by Kirill Chashchin, my research colleague in Moscow, Russia. Kirill has cracked two client Russian genealogy cases for my clients.
The German government, in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, is pursuing a pilot project to scan the torn documents and use computer software to piece them back together.
Photograph by Sean Gallup


In the 1980s, Karl-Michael Sala made his name by being the genealogist who would sacrifice his efforts & time by oft traveling for his clients, to hundreds of village locations behind the former rusted & dismantled Iron Curtain. It was NOT fun, and he was subject to a strip-search once at Checkpoint Charlie, i.e. the East German side of the Wall (Mauer).  Karl wonders what documents were created on him, due to his 7+ visits to East Germany?  Correspondence to the Joachim Gauck (former Lutheran pastor) Behörde claimed “nothing,” but that is actually very unlikely.  His files are perhaps included in this latest bunch to be stunningly re-assembled.

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