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Got ancestry, genealogy & family history in East Prussia (Ostpreussen), the province? With gratitude to, enjoy a Ken Burns-style slideshow of some crucial documents found for Schwellnus (Szwelnus) ancestry in Luttkomanscheit, a village within the Evangelical parish of Schakuhnen!

If you copy or re-post these images, please be advised that both are a bit scrunched to the middle. This was so that I could get them large enough to be able to read the names of cities & provinces. Also, please give credit to–but NOT for spelling errors on the German Empire map: Schaumburg-Lippe & Strehlitz are the more-correct spellings.
Before you click on the slideshow link below–just above the color map of Ostpreussen–please view all maps. Heydekrug is the district for Luttkomanscheit a/k/a Lut(t)ken, a village within the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Schakuhnen! Caveat: Do not confuse this Luttken with the other Luttken, also in Ostpreussen! Here is the slideshow link:

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