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Got German Genealogy? Time is short. Order today! Here is our Team!

Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images for THOUSANDS of German Genealogy clients & patrons. 1st lady left: My 1stborn daughter, one of our business consultants, wife of the 1st male to the left; Paul Andrew Johnson, our webmaster who has achieved having gotten our website at the top of the Google search engine rankings; Ben Sala, computer wizard has helped me recover much lost data, is to his left; Karl-Michael Sala, husband of the 2nd lady from the left, Lynell Sala, our Research Director, Report Master & Business Manager! The front row lady & the fellow behind her are my mother & brother, who both succumbed to cancer, 2008 & 2006 respectively. The four persons to the far right are the in-Germany family who perform some of our research & provisional needs there. These are just some of our Teammates, who have helped get your case worked. Long story short: Were it not for some of these creative & supportive people, we would not be where we are today!

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