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German Genealogy research case cracked; patron cannot see it

1868 Aug 31 Studer NY Passenger ListNorm Black
Thank you Karl and Betseylee for your help. Sorry it didn’t provide me with much new information that wasn’t already available on
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Karl-Michael Sala of frustration. It was a challenging, fun & great case. It is interesting that the only Studer found having immigrated in the precise, target year (1868), had one of the given names of each person of the target couple. The ages matched within 2 years for him & exactly for her. In the original thread, there were other data, documents & images for support of our hypothesis. The two main German Genealogists in this community declare that your case has been cracked & solved. To prove or disprove it, you should now go to the Stein, Baden parish registers on microfilm. I believe you have some precise birthdates. Go see if you can find their births/christenings & allow some leeway on the year of birth. Regardless of what you & I think, in the Old World, the STUDERs might have been Catholic, Jewish or Lutheran. This, based on a perusal of all Studer entries from Baden in the FSL system. As was discussed in the original thread, convoluted as the FB system is (it was not designed for us), along with your newness to navigating the thread & its comments & images, this case has yet further research you can view & yet do. I’d have loved to have seen just who was a part of the household in the 1870 Census, but in spite of all my research prowess, I could not find them. Do you know (for certain) where they might have been in 1870? There are 2 locations called Stein in Baden. While that crucial image was found on, neither you nor any other known fellow Studer descendant had found it as an attachment, hypothesis or option{:>)

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