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  1. Lawrence Bieschke

    I need your assistance in locating a birth certificate for my grandfather Ferdinand Bieschke. He was born in Cologne,Germany on April 30,1873. I have made a couple of requests to Der Oberburgermeister, Standesamt,Gulichplatz 1-3,59667 Koln,Nicht nachsenden! Wenn unzustellbar,zuruck!, and Historisches Archiv des Erzbistums,Koln for his birth certificate. However, i received responses that stated that they are not able to positively locate a birth certificate for my grandfather. Can you possibly assist me in this endeavor???

  2. Hi Lawrence Bieschke!

    Thank you for your interest in your ancestral family members! We assure you, they are also interested in you-n-yours & wish to be “found.” They are helping you & us in ways that you & we cannot comprehend really. Whether you believe this, does not matter. If we believe it, & it helps us work & “crack your case,” then THAT is all that matters. As far as we know, since 1979, none of our clients have doubted this notion.

    Interesting. We are working TWO other Köln cases right now. One client also thinks his ancestor was born in Köln, but actually it was just outside & to the south of that large city. Having been born outside of the jurisdictional geo-location is just ONE POSSIBLE explanation the Standesamt could not find Ferd’s birth record.

    Or, there are other reasons… like too many sources to search; so many, that they likely either could not or did not search even the ones they could. Imagine you’re a civil registration bureaucrat who receives on a monthly basis, hundreds of these genealogy requests from as far away as Australia, even if you were paid, how much research would you do for people? That is, just how many hundreds of various indices & registers would you search?

    Our other kölnische cases were solved via other resources, e.g. the client knew the family owned a steel business, which–lucky for us & our client–still exists today, even bearing the name of the target ancestor–Peter Schmitz! Now, to get the present owners, also Schmitz descendants–of a different surname–to assist & comply, is another story! I’m going to have to try a few other positive incentives–prior to actually showing up on-site{;>)

    You made no mention of your pecuniary circumstances (budget). Most of our clients have thousands of $ worth of work to be done. Your case sounds no different. Just how important are these data, documents & images & how many thousands can you afford? We will do EVERYTHING we can right here in Phoenix, Arizona–& that usually suffices. However, in the event we need to try the various, uh, back-door resources, we need to know your upside budget limit.

    Presuming you have sufficient budget, we shall then need to know ALL that you know about this man & have you email or mail just HOW & WHAT data, documents, images or rumors you have that indicate or show that he was indeed born in or even “around or near” Köln.

    Round up what you have, both data, documents & dollars. Be it negative or positive, please call to discuss your case: 480-507-3316 or mobile: 602-865-9695.


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