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Letter to Marlus Reque for blog, a part of Karl-Michael Sala’s Genealogist Researcher Network (GRN)

Hi Marlus Reque, (please visit ASAP)

As you know, there are millions of people on the other side of the veil who WANT to be found. We like to think that we are a part of the prophet Elijah’s team{:>) Thank you for helping us at the Genealogist Researcher Network (GRN) with Elijah’s mission to turn the hearts of the [descendants] to their [fore]fathers.

For posting wherever you’d like, feel free to take this video embed code, link or anything else. 

So that you might add your own content to m/y/our site, I shall soon send you a user name & password. BUT FIRST: Please email your acceptance &/or questions at your earliest convenience.

YOUR COST?  You owe us nothing to get this URL/blog set up, managed, updated & Search Engine Optimized (SEO).  Karl will be your servant, i.e. administrator, customer servant & salesman.  Paul Andrew Johnson, my son-in-law, will be m/y/our webmaster who performs the requisite tasks to get us all Search Engine Optimized. My site has been SEO’d consistently since 2009!  How would it be if someone put “Brazil Genealogy” &/or “Brazil Genealogist” that m/y/our site came up on the first page of Google?  That is precisely what I now enjoy & how I obtained HUGE client retainers! $33,000 & $20,000, i.e. over a period of 2 years: 2011 & 2012!

WHO is MY customer? Both you & the clients! 

ADMIN, SERVICE & SALES:  These are massive time-consuming tasks for any business.  You need to be researching, not performing these tasks, so we perform these for you.  Karl is a proven & trained genealogy sales- & service-oriented person!  PROOF? 2006-2007: Karl sold FIVE times as much research as any other consultant at!  This is documented by Dave Johnston, former manager, in one of Karl’s 102+ endearing endorsements on

ONLY WHEN & IF something comes through for Portugese-oriented research, we will grant you 50% of the proceeds. If you work for a genealogy research company, they only give you about 20% of the proceeds! Sooo, 50% is more than double the industry norm! Of this generous offering, we are VERY proud.  In addition, these will be research cases you most likely would not have achieved on your own! Indeed, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing{:>)

FRESH CONTENT: is what Google likes/wants in order to get you SEO’d. You are therefore asked to blog no less than once a week.  That is, post something new, results, success stories, endorsements, links, maps, etc.  This is not the time for humility. This is the time to strut your stuff!  Our clients have often told us that we were selected because of our confidence & our having spoken with them about what we would do & then having given them something for free! 

Your colleague, friend & servant,  Karl-Michael Sala <> 602-865-9695 cell

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