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FamilySearch – Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 1 has done much for professional German Genealogy

This is the initial video pertaining to the stunning GMRV.
But, heck, somebody has to do the actual research & reading of the old German handwritings! Hey, that’s what we have done since 1979–professional German Genealogy research! If you are able, serious & willing to pay for research, call Karl-Michael Sala, CGO, to discuss your case: 1-480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252

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  1. Nancy Bishop

    Hi, I could use some help. I have a Bischoff family that I could use some assistance researching the German end of things- back into 1645. Would you be able to offer any kind of specific assistance in this? Please email me at– I’ve at least got several really specific questions I’d rather ask you by email than on the public forum. Thanks in advance for your help- it’s rather important.
    Nancy Bishop

  2. Dear Nancy,

    “…rather Important,” indeed. We feel your ancestors want to be found & they care about you-n-yours. Whether you agree is irrelevant, but if it helps us to do great work for you, that is all that matters in your case.

    We grant you a 50% discount on your initial research retainer, either online or in microfilms. Your personal check is just fine.

    However, why do you say “…it’s rather important”? Explain… Forget explaining. I just read a bit about you & Jim. People in your situation get an on-going 50% discount for microfilm or online research.

    Besides the YouTube video, to which you replied, how did you find us? What were you searching when you found the video?

    29 Jun 2011: 2 cases cracked for another client. One Polish; the other German; yes, they married!

    On both lineages (JANETZKI & KRAUSE) we found ancestral family members (children) whom had been missed by another German researcher.

    Nancy, a couple other things to beef up your genealogy capabilities, stance & situation.

    Two clients in the last two years paid us $14,000 APIECE. Had they been your referrals, you would have earned $2800–even if we sealed the deal. So, that said, get busy & find some folks who HAVE SOME CAPITAL (probably unlike you & us) & would be interested in hiring someone to research their USA, immigration or USA ancestry.

    We accept retainers usually from $1,000 up to $100,000, but, based on your situation, if that’s out of the question, send what you can from $100 to $1,000.

    Sign up for free on Linkedin like Jim, but create your own individual file. Request that I connect with you. Karl Sala or german genealogist, either one will pull me up.

    CRUCIAL: Where can I view your existing tree? Elsewhere?

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