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Parish of origin for the German Puss-In-Boots? Püsselbüren, due west of its parish of Ibbenbüren is our latest case-cracking–for a Schrameier!   Karl-Michael Sala

GOOD NEWS! This must be the parish of origin for the German Puss-In-Boots! Just kidding.

Püsselbüren, due west of its German Evangelical Lutheran church parish of Ibbenbüren, will take the cake for Bernhard Schrameier, my client’s target immigrant ancestor!

Our success ratio is already over 80+% but it is getting higher, for we CRACKED ANOTHER CASE! The client is extremely happy. We just wanna make you happy! is happy!

Like hundreds of our clients since 1979, Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala just wish to make you happy by finding digital images you may have been seeking for up to 30 years…

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