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Many German ancestral, genealogy & family lineages extended by having found the target German ancestors within the Germany parish register death records.

Karl-Michael Sala, The Professional German Genealogist since 1979! writes: Click the images to enlarge!

When deep into German Genealogy research, even some professional German Genealogists avoid, neglect or even omit searching German church records’ death registers. We realize that is sometimes due to the lack of client funding.

However, we have cracked, solved & resolved more cases & extended many lineages using German parish register death records. We did so again today, 24 June 2011 !

This is a death record–a crucial-to-the-case Bavarian (Bayerischen) Catholic German parish register record of demise of just one of several hundreds of a client’s target ancestors whom we’ve researched, found & digitally documented.

two lines omitted here

Left column: the 5th [of] Hornung aka February [1814]: Anna [line over the n or a denotes another of that letter] Bodenmüller from Altenburg, widow; age 78 years, 14 days. Go back in the record to that date & there she is! But that is another image…

Because there were 2 Anna Maria Bodenmüllers born around the same time, we needed further evidence. This death document–along with the births of all her children–helped us to rule out the other one, who was younger & from a different village.

Notice Anna Maria was listed as a widow, but the record did not provide her married name. There were other ladies whose married names were also not provided. So,

Yes, we nabbed all her children & she’s the only Anna Maria Bodenmüller having children when the target ancestor was born. Hint, hint for some of you German researchers out there. Mind you, using of ONLY the maiden name at death is unusual, but keep that option in mind.

Hint, hint for some of you amateur or professional German Genealogy researchers out there. Mind you, although the use of the maiden name at death is unusual, certainly keep it in mind.

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