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Karl aka translates old German handwriting for native Europeans, too

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 Hallo J. “Hans” Hoch & Listeleute!
Ich lege Ihr Dokument und seine Uebersetzung sowohl mit Titelseite bei.Ich bin & mit euere Liste ganz neu; aber langzeitiger beruflicher & ja erfolgreicher Genealog, vorväterlich aus Kassel, Hessen, Deutschland, wo meine Geschwister noch leben.
Karl Michael Sala - US profile on | &/or Karl-Michael SALA: 30+ year stunningly proven Europe international genealogists! Germany, Alsace-Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen), Czech, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Russia, et al.

Since 1979: THOUSANDS of data, documents & images found on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for THOUSANDS of people! (USA, immigration & mid-Europe Germanic) (Search Engine Optimized{;>)
5010 E Cheyenne Dr #1023; Phoenix, AZ 85044-1733 USA
PHONE 480-507-3316 or (24-hr; 1-888-456-7252 lv msg) Mobile: 602-865-9695
82+ ENDEARING ENDORSEMENTS online–& that’s just since 2008! Many more received offline!

98% success ratio of having FOUND & digitized online &/or offline data, documents & images!

HUNDREDS of INTERNAT’L CLIENTS: South African business owner, ex-Deutsche Bank director, celebrities (e.g. Tim Russ, aka Tuvok, the black Vulcan, Star Trek Voyager), farmers, politicians, et al)
Who Do I Think I Am? Much more than just German Genealogy! | The ... | http://www.germangenealogist.... 1972: Tim& I played in a soul-music band together at Izmir, Turkey American high school, when we were both proud sons of US Air Force military fathers{;>). So, guess whom Tim hired to help him with his Russ ancestral families–all the way back to his pre-Emancipation ancestor, Itasca “Tasker” Russ?

Karl: THE very 1st person hand-picked for the former Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line (PEARL)!
* Former[utschland] Europe & Germany PRIMARY Research Consultant: fielded majority of research-oriented calls & emails FROM Germany!
Highest-rated internat’l genealogist & the ONLY German Genealogist on

“Lynell & Karl! Quick! Please help me find my ancestors–before I become one!”
“Expensive? No, Sir/Ma’am. Expensive is when you spend 30 years and many $ just TRYING to find what we often DO find in ONE DAY!” –Karl Sala

On your initial retainer for online or microfilm research
, take a 50% DISCOUNT (i.e., get twice as much)!
Hire us @ $50/hr ($1,000 to $10,000 retainer requested).
No mun? Offer us or sell something you don’t need! Or, pre-approved barter, cash, checks, trade, etc.

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  1. I need a birth record dated 1812 translated into English. It’s about 1-2 pages. I can send the pdf file for cost estimate.

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