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As an expert professional genealogist who routinely cracks European & Ukraine genealogy cases, be careful what you request & pray for!

I requested that the name of the Ukraine Genealogy Research Facebook community be changed. Done right away. Requested to be installed as an admin/manager/researcher on that page. Done immediately.  Time is short & these are the last days, folks.  If you don’t believe that, then you can believe that, for a patron with Lithuanian ancestry, I just found Jewish microfilmed records & posted the link to this site!  

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Lithuania, Čekiškė – Jewish records (1)Metrical books, 1857-1914
author: Jewish Congregation. Čekiškė (Lithuania)
formerly Chekishki, Kovna, Kovna, Russia. (the system won’t accept the diacritical markings). This provided as a courtesy to Amira Mashiah, a patron of Karl-Michael Sala and FamilySearch’s Ukraine Genealogy Research community page on Facebook.

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